l aint gonna lie, I’m a little intoxicated, its 3:35 am and l have an insomnia… Why am l blogging in english maybe you wonder?  Fair question. l dont know, maybe its all tequila that went down in me tonight or l’m just weird. who gives a fuck anyway… I dont know l just felt the need to put my thoughts in one place l guess. I’m lighting another cigarette, l actually wanted to stop, that was kinda my new year resolution but hey l think everybody knows that not happening. I also wanted to do better with my law studies, l wanted to get some cool job… Non of that is happening. l guess l’m pretty lame now when l think about it. Oh what a hell, in a country we live in its no wonder your desire for success dies. Anyway, l’m taking this thing like a jurnal or something considering l’m a law student l kinda feel sick when l see papers and books so yea thats it… Stay tuned for more from my boring life and opsesive thoughts lol.